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An allegory of Capitalism in Modern and Postmodern Latin America. The main scenes take place in a farm market where its merchants, street vendors, LGTB street artists, clowns, and migrants, struggle to earn a living.

A boy, Carlitos Chatito (Chatito is a slang word that refers to someone who is fed up), follows his father, and experiences what a day's work is like in a Latin American farm market. Later, now an adult, we see Chatito delivering vegetables in a human-powered car. Next, the protagonists fight against each other for territorial hegemony, and unexpectedly, all the characters gather in a march to advance, as a collective, towards a new place, which they anticipate with music and dance. At the end, the protagonists confront a wall that prevents them from moving forward, yet, they manage to climb it and successfully cross it.

The filming took place mainly in a Chilean market located in an old Spanish colonial neighborhood, where farmers gather to sell their products. During most of the colonial era, Spanish American society had a pyramidal structure with a small number of pure Spaniards at the top, a group of mixed-race people beneath them, and at the bottom a large indigenous population and small number of slaves, usually of African origin.  In the 19th Century, when the area was known as “La Vega del Mapocho” (the Mapocho market) the land was delimited and designated for produce consumption, taking advantage of the channeling of the Mapocho River. New storage houses were also built to load and sell produce, attracting migrants from all the country.  


Currently, this area and its surroundings are home to a significant number of Venezuelan, Colombian, Peruvian and Haitian migrants.


Germán Bobe also pays tribute to “La Carlina”, the first known transgender cabaret that was located in the area; The cast features Francis François, trans artist who started her career at “La Carlina”, and Daniela Vega, best known for her critically acclaimed performance in the Academy Award-winning film A Fantastic Woman (2017); Vega also became the first transgender person in history to be a presenter at the Academy Awards ceremony.

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