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Germán Bobe

1993 | 00:07:13 | Chile | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 |


Collection: Single Titles


Tags: Humor, Post-colonialism

A caricature of a professor teaching English to non-native speakers. Her mannerisms, her accent, the content of her speech—all are absurd, in the tradition of an Ionesco character. Images of the professor alternate with collages, many taken from Bobe’s other works.

Through its ironic humor, La Profesora foregrounds the absurdity

of teaching English in a country where many cannot read their

native language. The prevalence of the English language in

post- and neo-colonial societies is this called into question, both

politically and socially.

Video selected by Barbara London, curator and writer who founded the video-media exhibition and collection programs at

The Museum of Modern Art, where she worked between 1973 and 2013.

For purchase of video for home or public viewing,  contact Video Data Bank in Chicago, in the link  listed below.

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