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Bolero, Italian tango, mambo, chachachá and rock and roll were some of the styles with which Cecilia built a musical identity that had no equal or descendants. She was unique among the musicians of her generation. Her influence transcended local music and industry. With a stage display like never before seen in the country, cheeky and provocative, and a catalog that crossed musical genres, Cecilia would become a symbol of sexual emancipation.

Cristóbal Peña

Composed in 1987, during a month that he was in jail, "Marcapasos" is one of the last songs recorded by the singer Cecilia and one of the few records of her most nebulous artistic stage.


A project by the renowned director Germán Bobe, financed by the Culture Funds of the Music Fund, Call 2022 and an important part of her video clip was made thanks to an agreement with the Arcos Film and Audiovisual School.


"Making of" by @hector.kusma y @allanwitless 


Made with the support of Escuela de Cine y Audiovisual de Arcos @escuelacineyaudiovisual
Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio. @culturas_cl
Project funded by  Fondos Cultura del Fondo de la Música, Convocatoria 2022. @fondo_de_la_musica
Text: @cultolt

Fotos:  Paula González, estudiante Comunicación Audiovisual Arcos, @almadesierta en IG

Photographs:  Paula González, student Comunicación Audiovisual Arcos, @almadesierta in IG


Directed by German Bobe
Screenplay Shia Arbulú
Production Mauricio Alamo
Executive production: Fernanda Meza
Direction Photography Pedro Micelli
Art Direction Simón Pedro
Choreography Francisca Sazie
Art assistant Leyla Manzur
Costume Sergio Aravena
Makeup Teresa Galarce
Hairdresser Miguel Gonzalez
Camera assistant Ignacio Elissegaray
Electric Victoria Peña & Sthacy Vera Alvear
Technical production Arcos Héctor Kusma and Allan Fuentes
Additional lighting equipment Guillermo Álvarez

Produced with the support of the Arcos Film and Audiovisual School​
Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage
Project financed by
Fondos Cultura del Fondo de la Música, Convocatoria 2022

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