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Dubois´Fantasy is a film that explores stories of transgender people.
Based on the memoirs of Candy Dubois, an accomplished transgender Hispanic ballet dancer, cabaret singer and entrepreneur, this film is mainly focused on the face and body language imagery of the main character (represented by different actors and dancers), while following Dubois during her transition into her female identity; becoming one of the first Chileans to attempt a successful sex reassignment surgery in 1973.

The film also presents symbols of redemption, and raises questions of compassion, liberation, satire, and critique on differences in cultures, immigration, beliefs, and shifting sexualities.

Bobe collaborated with Luis Saglie (Hispanic composer and conductor) to create a video suite soundtrack.


As for Bobe's work dedicated to Candy, “Dubois Fantasy”, the documentary archive gives way to the cinematographic representation of the diva's biography. The short film fictions the childhood, adolescence, adulthood and death of Dubois, represented by Boris Bustos, and the subsequent reception of the Divine. The film is mainly made up of open shots where Dubois moves, followed by close-ups with the pupils of Lucas Balmaceda, who sees crosses fused with female bodies burning. I think the differentiating element of Fantasy lies here. As the diva grows, Lucas Balmaceda, outside and inside fiction, begins his transition and name change to Lux Pascal.

Fantasía Dubois also confirms a corollary that Pedro Lemebel, a genuine 90s transvestite essayist, proposes: the crazy woman, between “faggots” and lights, fails to prop up one last great show other than her own death. The closing of Bobe's short film, along with paying homage to the diva, proposes an exhumation of Dubois's corpse, where colleagues from the world of national performance, Alejandro Goic and Patricia Rivadeneira, steer new artistic paths. Mortuary tradition of the crazy ones that does not rest only on Dubois, but rather contaminates a large part of the world performance.

  Ignacio Pastén López, “I am very happy to see you alive”, Acoustics, friendships and archives of transgender and transvestite performance (Chile and New York, 1990s).

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